Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If I could dig straight down, I would eventually get to... . . . . China?

Nope.  I would get to the middle of the Indian Ocean, somewhere off the tip of the African continent.  Where would YOU show up?

StumbleUpon.com is a technological black hole.  Found this incredibly postmodern quote (above) by Jim Jarmusch, film director.  (Click on it and the quote becomes readable; I just had to include this stolen image because I liked it.)  This is the attitude we should be imbuing in art classrooms today.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bill Owens. Photographer.

It was in the mid 70's that I first learned, and laughed, at the photography Bill Owens included in his book Suburbia.  I remains on my bookshelf today, and I still giggle when I browse through.  If you don't know Owens' work, take a gander at his website and most recent work. It's absolutely wonderful.  Consider the power of a lesson on cultural anthropology in an art room, and maybe one of student learning - how to laugh at ourselves.

I love the art of pun, and no photographer does it better than Bill Owens.   (I also think this is the neighborhood I grew up in~~)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Couple of Shout Outs....

Must post a two images for a few most special people in my life.

I told hubby Mike that I want to live life fully, and that before the end as it is, we are going to both get tattoos.  (If you know him, there is no way he'll do this.  If you know me, you'll know he has no choice.)  I'm liking the first image here for him, and yeah, I can do that too, maybe on my legs?  He will absolutely not appreciate this.

The second is for my son Ted and daughter-in-law Wako in Japan. I miss them so much. I also just found out that Wako reads my blog.

HEY WAKO!!!! Is this YOU?!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember Outsider Art?.. How about Outsider Use...

Lifted here from fellow blogger Kevin Kelly, who compiles images of how people around the globe customize their "stuff" to create an optimal use, or as KK says, here are images of "personal modifications, folk innovations, street customization, ad hoc alterations, wear-patterns, home-made versions and indigenous ingenuity." See more on his site called Street Use.

Again, I'm thinking classroom curriculum. What a blast to laugh and create. Goes straight to those 21st Century Skills (remember? those archaic skills that politicians and administrators are removing from schools with the arts?)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making Art. The Quandary

The work of an artist is surely fraught with conflicting purpose. I love drawing, painting, writing, creating in general, but that purpose? yeah, pretty big sticking point. Do I really paint just for ME? How many pieces, framed in glass, painted large on deep canvases, do I amass in my studio, and for why? Because I like to make art? How much do I struggle to show, to sell, to "get rid" of this (what has now become) stuff? Do I donate it to a local charity (so it will sell for $20, or not sell so I may bring it home?) Do I lay it out flat on the driveway at the yard sale? give to to friends who someday may find a place for it in their home? or just allow it to continue to pile up? Do I paint work that "people will like and so it may sell"? (Shoot me now.) Or continue the exploration (and pile) of my own style and statement? Or do I just make car decals and greeting cards for fun.

Just finished 4'x6' acrylic Tennessee dog and Maui kitty for a good friend. There ya go.

Think I'll go read a book this afternoon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How are YOU dealing with the daily media images of the gulf coast wildlife?

I'm doing rather poorly.

I've been researching what I might be able to do to help- from the opposite coast for better or worse. A few hours on the computer have offered up many avenues, including how to help at the gulf with time, materials, money, and actually, how to become a "first responder" for future devastation, particularly on our own Pacific coast.

I write this blog post so I may offer out a letter the Audubon Society has suggested concerned and sickened people send to our legislators. ALL legislators. I have modified it so it sounds most like me; use it, modify it some more, or check out the original letter and other info here.

Dear Whoever,
The oil spill and images I see daily make my heart hurt, so I am writing to urge you to support President Obama's $35.6 million budget request for Coastal Louisiana restoration projects. While not a lot of money, it will begin the important work of rebuilding Louisiana's wetlands and marshes.
A healthy coastline is better able to withstand a variety of threats, whether from the damage the oil spill will certainly inflict or costly storm damage. Communities in Louisiana that haven't fully recovered from the devastation of Katrina are now facing a second economic blow as a result of the spill. We have an opportunity to create jobs, work to mitigate the impacts of this tragic oil spill, and again rebuild the critical coastal marshlands that nurture a significant Gulf of Mexico fishing industry, and buffer the Louisiana coast and its communities from storms and other threats.
PLEASE, please, please support full funding for Coastal Louisiana restoration and support the President's budget request of $35.6 million. With all my being, I believe we must do everything we can to alleviate the potential destruction of our singular, precious environment.
Thank you for your attention,

Thanks for reading this post. It's all I can do today... we'll see about tomorrow.