Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not My Mission

...to go "green" or "organic" in any fragment of my life.  Yes, I consider the amount of garbage my family generates a day.  Yes, I think global warming is going to be the end of global life as we know it.  Yes, I avoid fast food restaurants at all costs.  However, I do not lose sleep over a taste treat tossed my way at a friends' house.  Until I read this article, which had me gagging as I read:
"The . . .  picture is what your raw chicken nuggets look like. And as if it wasn’t gross enough that the goo looks like strawberry ice cream, we then learned this:
  • The substance is called MSC, or mechanically separated chicken
  • It’s a sickening puree of the ENTIRE chicken including bones, eyes, feet, everything
  • It’s then treated with ammonia to destroy bacteria, and then because it tastes so bad, is mixed with artificial flavoring
  • And then dyed pink."
(from The Frisky at http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-trust-us-you-really-really-dont-want-to-eat-that-chicken-nugget/

On another note, my show at Upper Crust comes down on January 2 (sold six of twelve pieces!), at which time I'm off to new ventures.  Time to get these two books I have half done back on my desktop.  (Oh yeah, and two dogs, a cat, and a bird painting.  Forgot about that.)  I'm reinvigorated about making art for a number of venues again!  New ideas, new directions, new goals.... YAY!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Short note about the show..

Our art opening last night was... tough to describe...  Exciting for sure, educational...  gratifying...  inspiring in more ways than in future art making.  Still have much to think about:  Pat and Dick who bought a piece- Julie who is willing to talk about postmodern culture-  The need to form an art collective-  Participating with that group who is fighting to create a No. California arts museum-  (Going back to school?!)-