Bubby's Hat

Cascade Farms Pluscious.  Seascape 08
All rows start with 2 chains counting as first dc.

(First pattern I've ever written.  Please be patient and feel free to ask questions.)

SC:  Single Crochet
DC:  Double Crochet
TC:  Triple Crochet
FPDC:  Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC:  Back Post Double Crochet

1.                      Chain 40.
2.                     Turn, dc in second chain from hook.
3.                     DC 38 across.  SlStitch to row (round).
4-8 rounds        Repeat.
9.                     *10 dc, decrease dc.*  Repeat 2 times.  8 dc.  Slip Stitch to end.  36 dc.
10.                   *16 dc, decrease*  2 times.
11-14 rounds    Chain two. *Fpdc, bpdc* 16 times.Sew or crochet the top.

1.                     Chain 20.      
2.                     Three tc ALL in 4th chain from hook.                      
3.                     Three dc ALL in next chain
4.                     Three sc in each remaining chain spaces to the end.
You'll have a total of 3 tr in first chain, 3 dc in second chain and 45 more sc total in remaining chains.
Sew or crochet the top closed.
Attach curlicues to corners.
Work in all ends.

Let me know how you did!! (And how I did  :o)

Does this help?

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  1. I now finished my hat. I have worked in both side of 40 chain. So I don´t must close the hat at end of work. Thank you for change the direction.

    Best regards Karin