Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bucking Complacency: An Art Show and A Plea

I'm looking forward to being back to writing.  Writing and thinking about things that matter to me.

I've resigned and quit so many obligations and adventures I'd taken on these last five years, four years since retiring in 2008.  At that time I was claiming that it was time for me to have time for ME.  I'm saying that once again.  Mike and I recently returned from Peru and the Inca Trail trek: phenomenal!- and now:

An art show at our local bakery and eatery, Upper Crust, Chico. Good friend and artist Leslie Mahon-Russo and I are collaborating on a show with several purposes:  to force our creative juices and make art, to show it, and most importantly, to sell with 50 % of sales donated to the Planned Parenthood organization.  We invite you to join us this coming Saturday, November 9 reception, 5-7 pm.  

The digital version of the ER had a great write up!  We were disappointed that it didn't make it into the paper copy, but I'll share it with you anyway, HERE. 

My statement, should you be interested, reads:

Only in the last ten years have I moved from an exploration of media in art making to one with a quest for meaning, message and an invitation to conversation.  Bucking Complacency is the product of this exciting personal pursuit.

Wendy Davis, current mass media, and recent discussions I’ve had with today’s generation of Millennials have once again set off my radar in regards to women’s issues, particularly those socio-political ones: sexual and political abuse, loss of access to women’s healthcare and the like- all I see blatantly moving backwards, and all indicators of an alarming reversal of the gains we made in the 70’s and 80’s.  The conversation desperately needs to be reignited today.

Four decades ago, Leslie Mahon-Russo and I were the fighters; indeed we never stopped the chatter.  Today, as artists, we tender our concerns to the Chico community with the hope of supporting Chico ’s Planned Parenthood organization, a smart and comprehensive organization working in front of the very issues Leslie and I support with this show.

I invite you to explore my series of drawing and collage dresses, symbols of women as they see themselves and as they present themselves to others.  You’ll see Billie Holiday, Joan Crawford, and Jeanne Hebuterne, among others, all who struggled with a variety of issues, not the least being their womanhood.  My hope is that the images will provoke your passion and compassion in regards to the ever important fight for women’s rights, place and independence.

Thanks for reading this far, and hope to see you on Saturday eve, November 9.