Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Franzen, Roth, Lethem, Hitchens, McCarthy, Updike, and Amis

Retired again thank god.
TIME magazine and Charlie Rose have me all excited again about good American literature (even that written by British expats.) And these guys ROCK at the top of my list!  Can't wait to read all of all of them. 

Time to indulge.
And draw.
And paint.
And write.  


Monday, August 23, 2010

KYOTO! Here we come~

To see our most favorite couple, Ted-o and Wakako!
Can't wait.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures- Twice!

Image grabbed from triathalontrainingblog.com

In all our blessed yuppiness, Mike and I are traveling now in a bonafide motel (cab over camper); we have chosen sleep over youth.  I was the big hold back, but was won over. Why is it I still don't feel like I'm one of all those others traveling in RV's?  Today I learned that I need 30, not 40, amps for hookup, that we have grey water and sewage (what the hell is grey water?), and when we park our "rig" in an RV park, we don't have to listen to other RV generators (like we did in campsites with no electrical hookups.) With glee, I get wifi on my picnic table, and when we buy our little flat screen tv, we'll access 50 cable channels.  Oh dear Lord, help me now.

On a slightly different note: tonight we parked our white behemoth in Gold Beach, Oregon. We watched the hundred or so charter fishing captains motor boat their passengers up and down a half mile the Rogue River estuary. (I love fishing but this did seem a bit more like conveyor belt trolling.) I chose a simpler route and walked the miles long beach.  Knew I'd made a winning choice on this beautiful, slightly sunny day, when I paused to see the sea lions poke their heads out of the waves, follow swells, and body surf! This picture is JUST what I saw! Jeez I love nature!