Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Urban Sketchers on Facebook

Been following Urban Sketchers on Facebook for some time now and am incessantly jealous and personally miffed that I'm not DOING THIS.  So how dumb is this: I write about it instead of getting out my NEW MOLESKINE book and actually drawing.  Oh... and Law and Order is on in a bit.

All that aside, filling this sketchbook is on my bucket list.  I did just finish one, not a Moleskine but one with so so many ideas.  Saving the new one for pure sketching.  (Is there such a thing?)

Jazzed tonight by the work of Paul Heaston on Urban Sketchers Facebook:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

For Lauren. A Site to Explore and Add to.

the Warhol.
Be sure to check out the tab called "Artists: Past and Present."  Note: Paul Wandless was the instructor at our Mendocino workshop.....

New Creative Endeavors... Enough to build a raku kiln?

Just home from an absolutely glorious week long workshop at the California coast town of Mendocino.  Paul Wandless from Chicago taught us printmaking on ceramics; SO inspiring.

We worked from Monday thru Friday, ten hours a day, on speed- ten of us, sharing, laughing, inquiring, experimenting and learning- probably my dreams come true.  What can be better than creative learning?

More on my website here.

And so much more to come!

Learned about a wonderful website/magazine for those of us ceramic newbies:
Ceramic Arts Daily.  

And now I need to start another list of artists on my blog: Artists who Handbuild Ceramics.