Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Feminist Art Project

In the process of writing my thesis, about postmodern art and postmodern art education, I am researching feminism in the visual arts. Of course, all I can find is feminist art completed by women. Shock. That surely says a bunch, although I suppose I see little ethnic art work done by members outside same ethnicity.
If you have any information for me, in this vein or other regarding feminists in the arts, please forward!
Call me crazy, but I'm writing a lesson plan about feminism, the goal- to be taught in secondary public art mixed gender classrooms. RAH! Looking for great ideas in this area also. I've got some (and am so excited) but am welcoming creative approaches~
Meanwhile, check out The Feminist Art Project link, and of course, don't miss visiting the Guerrilla Girls on occasion.
Or Art Women.
Or the Brooklyn Museum Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.
Or The Good Wife's Guide.
Confused? Consult Feminism 101

Image by Fujiko Isomura. Story of Veranda - Nusumigiki 2002
Dutch metal, copper, & silver leaf, acrylics, colored pencils, shell matiere, and ink jet print on watercolor paper

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

German Artist Harald Naegeli

When teaching the element of line, use a master.

Autocomplete Me.. Thanks, Google!

Jumping from one blog to another, I find this tonight, on Alltop, a .com that supports hundreds (gazillions) of favored (by someone?) blogs. Another jump to Holy Kaw! (blog) and I find a giggle, compliments of Google. Of course, we've most of us seen these before; how is it we (I) have never tuned in?
So, type into your Google search: "How to get..." and you'll be invited to search:
How to get a hickey
How to get pregnant
How to get rid of fruit
How to get rid of fleas

How to get a girl to like you
How to get rid of love handles...

Are these really the items our society is most concerned about getting?
More ridiculous searches are at Autocomplete Me. But perhaps the most fun are the ones I find myself....
Getting a job
Getting a tattoo
Getting a second dog?
Try this one:
Why is there...
OMG You won't believe!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fantasy Health Care in Mexico

Here is today's true story.
On many occasions during this trip, we've heard glowing reports on the health and particularly dental care here in Mexico. Some of these stories have been off the charts amazing.

SO. Mike has a tooth ache/bone or spur or something growing behind his wisdom tooth; the more it bugs him the more he worries it- vicious circle. Finally, the local ex-pats here say: YOU are being dumb. GO to the dentist. The care is wonderful and so much cheaper than in the states; why are you waiting??
Being as we pay for all dental now, Mike, with major reticence, says: okHe went today. Dr. Rodriquez sits Mike in a "real" dental chair stuck in the middle of what appears to be an white bedroom, asks about the problem, feels Mike's molar area, numbs the area with topical antiseptic, TAKES an xray, and provides diagnosis.
Says he thinks it's just a bone piece that broke off and will subsequently now heal; Mike agrees and says it has been getting better.
Total Bill:
Ten bucks.
Mike has to make an appt at home to have his teeth cleaned (we actually cancelled one for Jan 5 in Chico because we knew we wouldn't be there.) He decides (miracle of miracle) to go back to Dr. Rodriquez tomorrow. Cleaning:
Twenty five dollars.
Office (I think it was mom and son) doesn't take VISA and didn't have change for the twenty dollar bill Mike had, so DOCTOR (not receptionist/mom) says: S'ok. Just pay tomorrow when you come for the cleaning. OR, give me the twenty and I'll credit you in the morning. Either way is fine.
Have you EVER heard of such a thing?
FURTHERMORE, I just read today: One can buy Mexican health insurance here for $250 a year (that is, YEAR.) That covers everything, including meds, hospital visits, doctors, lab and xray work, dental, more, all with no deductible.
The Where's Waldo question~ What is wrong with this picture.

Response from a good, smart, and articulate friend (THANKS, GARY!!):
Ya think?? We have been beating that drum for a while. And the effing Republicans keep whining about "Government Socialist Health Care," but of course they don't want anyone to touch their Congressional Programs, Medicare or V.A. "Socialist" coverage. We have friends in Canada who think we are absolutely nuts for not having a system similar to theirs. Of course, Mexico is a "Third World Country" and we certainly don't want that kind of reputation around here. Some docs in Chico are making a killing, while others are quitting their practice because of the crap they have to endure from the insurance companies. Was an article in the ER (local rag) a few days ago about the number of docs who are giving up their private practice to go to work in penal institutions because it is more stable and less stress. Oh, prisoners get "Socialist" medical care.

And from another bestest friend, equally smart and articulate: Becky
I am with you that the United States is crazy expensive. However, here, in the United States , our dollars are not paying for our own (personal) health care; our dollars are taking care of all those people who do not have the “twenty-five dollars cash” to pay for health care themselves. Our government (I suppose because of our Christian heritage) decided to take care of its poor (including the poor folks in Mexico who come here looking for work and need health care).
I just read an article tracking how much our cities pay for the homeless. In Reno, one homeless drunk (now deceased), cost the city over $100,000.00 per year for fifteen years (cost included every time he got pneumonia, cirrhosis of the liver which caused multiple other health problems, detox programs, etc.). In New York and Los Angeles you have to times that by the size of those cities and the homeless and helpless are draining our cities’ coffers. Take away the cost of paying for everyone else, our doctor visits might be in the range of $25.00 too. My ex-husband lived in Mexico for seven years until his heart and complications from AIDS got so bad he had to move back for the superior (free to him because of Social Security Disability and Medicare and Medi-Cal) health service that he can get in San Diego. The solution to this problem is a mystery and is “muy sad”.