Friday, April 29, 2011

New Tangents.

Written by George. com
Last night S- and I saw Open Source, a Jake Gyllenhall film loosely about using computer source code in human brain mapping to recreate, revisit, and reevaluate an event (a terrorist attack).  Worth knowing now is the fact that we are both liberal, democratic, bleeding heart types with a pension for a challenge.  Add to that the fact that neither of us know a dang thing about computer programing.

At the end of the film, I turned to her and asked, "Was that film logical even assuming suspension of disbelief?"
She answered, "Jeez, Lori.  It's all about quantum physics."
from MIT Technology Review online
I  laughed for how incongruent the comment was.

Best part of not working 40+ hours a week is the gift of pursuing random tangents as they present.  So here I go: what the hell are quantum physics?


  1. It's kinda like those fish on your page above - just much much much smallarer!

  2. Wow Jim I've missed you. But you are so dang prolific on your own site, and focused jeez! I'm all over the place now, as you can see. Gotten pretty random in my new space~
    And haven't gotten to the quantum physics yet. I'm a bit leery in that I just finished totally immersing myself in postmodernism. Adding QP to that may do me in.